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Customized cases and covers for BlackBerry

Neoprene cover
Universal double-sided cover for tablet and laptop

This Neoprene cover is a customizable that fits all! Available in different sizes, 12 inches for an iPad or similar tablet, 14 inches for a laptop, this cover is protective and flexible. The edges are black and both sides are fully customizable. The same design will be printed on both sides.

Key feature: Very lightwheight

Lead time: 1 to 3 days


Neoprene covers are also available for iPad 2/3/4
Customized Neoprene 12 inches cover

Universal pocket (S)
Protective customized pocket

Suitable for many phones, this little customizable pocket is ideal for a gift. Scheat like pocket, with a very soft velvet material inside let you insert your phone or iPod avoiding any scratches. A pattern, family photo, holiday, pets, the choice remains yours to choose among all your images!

Key Feature : Soft and lightweight

Lead time: 1 to 3 days


Les housses universelles sont également disponibles pour iPhone 3G / iPhone 4/4S / iPod Touch 4 / Galaxy S2
Customized phone pocket (Size S)