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Customized products for iPhone 5 / 5S / 5SE

Flexible rubber case for iPhone 5/5S/5SE

The shockproof custom case is ideal for all people looking for maximum protection. Widely used for corporate fleets, this custom case is made ​​of soft rubber, available in black or white. It maintains perfectly your smartphone and protects in case of a fall. Its customization is made on a rigid aluminum plate strongly coated with adhesive on the back face. The final result is glossy and strong.

Key feature: Optimal protection of sides

Lead time: 1 to 3 days


Shockproof custom cases are also available for iPhone 4/4S / Galaxy S3
Black shockproof customized case iPhone 5/5S/5SE

Full printing
Rigid case with printed sides for iphone 5/5S/5SE

If you are looking for a quality case, rigid and durable, choose this customizable case. Its special feature is the manufacturing process to print your visual on the whole surface, including sides. This unique 3D printing technology makes ink penetrate into the material which makes a highly resistant impression in time. This product is ideal for a birthday gift, for capturing a birth or a wedding, guaranteed!

Key Feature: Printing deep into the material

Lead time: 1 to 3 days


Full print custom cases are also available for iPhone 3G / iPhone 4/4S / iPod Touch 4 / Galaxy S3
Full print customized case iPhone 5/5S/5SE

Thin hard plastic case for iPhone 5/5S/5SE

Thi srigid plastic case available in white, black or transparent, is the classic model of personalization. Its very affordable price makes it one of the bestsellers. Perfect for people who like to change often their visual or companies wishing to make a gift to their customers. The impression is of the same quality as the other models, performed on a metallic plate and assembly on the back side.

Key feature: Economic

Lead time: 1 to 3 days


Classic custom cases are also available for iPhone 4/4S / iPad 2/3/4 / iPad Mini / iPod Touch 4 / iPod Touch 5 / Galaxy S2 / Galaxy S3
Black rigid customized case iPhone 5/5S/5SE

Cards holder cover
Custom cover for iPhone 5/5S/5SE

This iPhone cover is very functional. Made of imitation leather and microfiber, it is soft and fully protects your smartphone. Customization is performed on the polyester fabric flap. Inside card slots allows you to keep important ones close to you. All features are accessible for recharge and daily use. Well protected by this custom cover, your iPhone will follow you everywhere.

Key Feature: Optimal protection

Lead time: 1 to 3 days


Card holder covers are also available for iPhone 4/4S / Galaxy S3 / Galaxy S4
Customized cards holder cover for iPhone 5/5S/5SE