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Customized products for new iPad 3

Flip Case
Custom protection cover for ipad 2/3/4 gen.

This iPad case is a bestseller. Made of imitation leather and microfiber, it is soft and protects your iPad completely. Customization is performed on the flap polyester fleece fabric. Inside notches allow you to position your tablet with different angles depending on your use. All features are accessible for loading and daily use. In your bag, your suitcase, or simply hand your iPad will follow you everywhere, well protected by this custom case.

Key Feature: Optimal protection

Lead time: 1 to 3 days


Flip cases are also available for iPad Mini
Leather customized cover iPad 2/3/4

Neoprene cover
Universal double-sided cover for tablet and laptop

This Neoprene cover is a customizable that fits all! Available in different sizes, 12 inches for an iPad or similar tablet, 14 inches for a laptop, this cover is protective and flexible. The edges are black and both sides are fully customizable. The same design will be printed on both sides.

Key feature: Very lightwheight

Lead time: 1 to 3 days


Neoprene covers are also available for iPad 2/3/4
Customized Neoprene 12 inches cover